Mhoried Village – Leathen [map]

Here’s another village I created for Torien’s Watch in Mhoried as well as the visual inspiration I used to map it.

Leathen-Pic Leathen

A1 – Slave Pits of the Undercity [map]

There are some minor changes in these two maps from the source material, but the gist is there.  Enjoy.



Mhoried Map [Updated]

I’ve added several provinces to the ongoing Mhoried map in the new FR-style cartography as my players slowly make their south in the Duchy.  🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

The Shady Dragon Inn [maps]

I did a black and white map for the Shady Dragon Inn a while ago, but it was time to put some color on it and liven it up.  As the first player headquarters released back in OD&D, I have a fondness for using it in most of my campaigns.  I added a stable with a loft, increased the size of the inn to 5′ per square (instead of 2.5′), and added a monument just to the east of the inn.  Cheers.

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Forest Encounter [maps]

Here are a collection of encounter maps that I had set in the village I created called Birney set in Mhoried, but you can use them anywhere obviously.  Cheers. Read the rest of this entry »

Prison Keep [map]

Here’s a map that I did for an Eberron campaign, specifically set in Darguun as a prison keep set atop of a stone plateau with natural stone towers.  Cheers. Read the rest of this entry »

Mhoried – Birney Village [map]

This is a small little village I created to sit at the very heart of Torien’s Watch in Mhoried to serve as the starting point for my adventures with my players.  As before, I’ll let you fill in the ideas to the names on the map.  Let me know if you want an unlabeled version.

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Mhoried – Torien’s Watch [map]

Hey folks!

I’ve been dabbling back in Birthright again and trying to update my mapping skills to the current RPG standards.  I’m about half-way done with Mhoried, but here is a little sneak peak at Torien’s Watch and just a little bit of the two southern provinces.  I’ve got backstory to all of the map stuff, but I figure I’ll let your imaginations fill in the details to the names.


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Mairada [map]

I’m starting a new campaign tonight and I’m placing it for the first time over in the Khinasi side of Cerilia.  I’m such a big fan of Birthright that more and more of my home campaigns seem to be gravitating towards it.  This particular campaign is going to start in Mairada, a neutral coastal sultanate from the southern Island States.  For this particular entry into the Birthright archives, there was no player’s secrets supplement and no coat-of-arms from, so I had to take a little liberty in its design.

Bonus points to you if you can identify the barely modified national Mairada coat-of-arms.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Ilien [map]

Another addition to the spectacular world of Birthright.  We’re staying regional with the small, but wealthy neighbor of Medoere and Roesone.  Here is the County of Ilien.  Again, thanks to the guys over at for the coats-of-arms used in the maps. Read the rest of this entry »