Beast Man

I’ve been playing around with making a MotU conversion doc for the ancient, but much appreciated Marvel Superheroes RPG from TSR and I’ve got a few characters ready that I’m fairly proud of.  If this doesn’t confirm my nerd status, I don’t know what would.  Let’s start with the King of the Jungle …

F: RM (30)
A: IN (40)
S: RM (30)
E: AM (50)
R: TY (6)
I: IN (40)
P: TY (6)

Health: 150
Karma: 52
Resources: TY (6)
Popularity: -25

Real Name: Beast Man
Occupation: Hunter, Warrior
Identity: Public
Place of Birth: Vine Jungles, Eternia
Known Relatives: None
Base of Operations: Snake Mountain
Group Affiliations: Evil Warriors


Animal Control: Beast Man can control the mind of any animal, beast, insect, or creature at MN (75) intensity.  For each additional creature beyond the first that he attempts to control, his power rank suffers a -1CS.  For example, if Beast Man tries to dominate four bears, then his power rank would be RM (30).  This limitation does not apply to small animals as he can control them in packs or hordes.

This power does have some limitations.  He cannot control aquatic animals.  In addition, Beast Man suffers a -6CS to control dragons and cannot control uniquely, intelligent creatures, such as Battle Cat or Panthor.

Beast Man frequently uses this power to summon forth powerful combatants into battle or great winged beasts for him to ride upon.  This power is possibly tied to the green amulet worn around his neck, but this is unproven.

Communicate with Animals: In addition to controlling them, Beast Man can communicate with animals mentally to give detailed instructions or commands.  In addition, he can instruct these animal servants to obey the directions of his allies, as well.

Natural Weaponry: Armed with claws and teeth, Beast Man’s natural weapons do IN (40) Edged damage.

Tracking: A superb hunter, Beast Man can track by scent at AM (50) intensity.

Whip: His spiked lash has a range of 1 area and inflicts EX (20) damage utilizing his Agility.  Beast Man can use it to Grab as well.  The whip is made of RM (30) material.  The whip also increases his Animal Control power by +1 CS.

Animal Senses: With a keen sense of smell, hearing, and eyesight, Beast Man can detect invisible or hidden enemies with RM (30) intensity.

Climbing: Beast Man is an adept climber and can move at his normal movement rate in tree coverage or on vertical surfaces.

Stealth: Using his natural stealth and animal instincts, Beast Man is able to remain undetected at RM (30) intensity.  He frequently sneaks by sentries and guards, but cannot avoid electronic or magic sensors.

Talents: Martial Arts B, Acrobatics, Tumbling, and Animal Training.
Contacts: Evil Warriors.

HISTORY: Born in the great Vine Jungles on the Berserker Islands, Beast Man is a savage warrior and hunter.  He is clever, cunning, and ruthless in his tactics.  Beast Man is one of the more loyal followers of Skeletor.
Beast Man is the lord of all wild beasts and commands them with utmost authority.  His rival among the Evil Warriors and opposite is Mer-Man.  He is a fierce enemy of Grizzlor from the Evil Horde.

NOTES: I tried to be as comprehensive in this version of Beast Man from the mini-comics where he was introduced, in the Filmation cartoon, and finally in the super awesome Mike Young Productions cartoon.  Finally, of course, this is not for sale and I do not own any rights to the image, gaming system, or MotU character.

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