Thurazor [map]

Another map from the Birthright setting (1995).  This one neighbors the previous map I posted of Talinie to the east, the vile goblin lands of Thurazor.  Unlike the first map I posted, Thurazor does not have a Player’s Secrets supplement to give a larger map with all the small towns and geographical features.  So I created them myself.  I have to admit making this map (using the template from the cursed lands of Aengmor) was really fun.  And there are one or two inside jokes in there for the vigilant eye and a mind for fantasy trivia.  Hope you like it.

Click for larger *.png.

2 Comments on “Thurazor [map]”

  1. i think this map was need more time to do. i like it too. it’s near amazing !

    thanks you to share your work.

  2. Lhaelion says:

    Thank you to share this interesting map.
    I’m writing stories about Tlinie and Thurazor and I like il very much.
    If you are interested about storis written in french you can e-mail me. Bye.

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