Tuornen [map]

Another dip into the Birthright campaign setting.  This time with a kingdom from the Heartlands – Tuornen.  This is largely based on the Player’s Secrets supplement with individual coat of arms for the provinces from Birthright.net.  Enjoy.

Click for larger *.png.

6 Comments on “Tuornen [map]”

  1. James says:

    Wow! More please. I love the Birthright setting!

  2. Delazar says:

    these maps are just great! I would love to see an hex-map of the Giantdowns!

  3. i don’t know how many time, you need to do that but the result it’s very nice.
    I like it 😉

  4. C. Raitt says:

    Nice map, I’ve used it in a post on boardgamegeek, hope thats OK. A reader was asking what software you used.

  5. Lhaelion says:

    Wonderful map.
    Thank you for this work.

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