Dungeon #16 – Palace in the Sky [map]

One of the early editions of Dungeon had a castle in the sky that was so beautiful I was dying to try it out as a DM, regardless of the level or intent of the inhabitants (cloud giants).  Granted it is not an isometric map, but I think the design is on par with Ravenloft.

I recently revisited the castle for my latest campaign and decided to redraw it to a 5′ per square scale.  Of course, the castle was originally designed for giants, but I didn’t bother making the doors giant-sized in case others want to requisition the castle for medium-sized races.  BTW, I added an old friend from the Spelljammer campaign setting to sit in the sky dock.

And as a side note, this issue of Dungeon (#16, Marcy/April 1989) also featured another brilliant module – Vesicant.  The story of a green dragon that recruited an entire pirate city to bring her plunder, complete with a city map of Scrape, several building details, and loads of pirates.  Excellent.

Click for larger *png.

The Cloud

The Sky Docks

The Guard Tower

The Gatehouse

Main Castle - Dungeon Level 3

Main Castle - Dungeon Level 2

Main Castle - Dungeon Level 1

Main Castle - Level 1


Main Castle - Level 2

Main Castle - Level 3

Main Castle - Level 4

Main Castle - Level 5 & 6

Guest House (Sazor's Tower)

As a quick note, some creative mapping was done by the cartographer for the module in that several towers on the main castle shifted ten feet with each level, so I’ve corrected.  Plus, there is a slight misplacement on Sazor’s Tower on my part, but its so subtle, I didn’t have the energy to fix it.  See if you can find it.  😀

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  1. Ken says:

    Awesome work, this was always one of my top 5 maps. I wonder what it would look like with extra floors added in (after humans take it from the giants).

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