Mairada [map]

I’m starting a new campaign tonight and I’m placing it for the first time over in the Khinasi side of Cerilia.  I’m such a big fan of Birthright that more and more of my home campaigns seem to be gravitating towards it.  This particular campaign is going to start in Mairada, a neutral coastal sultanate from the southern Island States.  For this particular entry into the Birthright archives, there was no player’s secrets supplement and no coat-of-arms from, so I had to take a little liberty in its design.

Bonus points to you if you can identify the barely modified national Mairada coat-of-arms.  Enjoy!

Click for larger *.jpg.  Scale is 1 Hex = 2 miles.

6 Comments on “Mairada [map]”

  1. oomalex says:

    waiting for a map of one of the most complex area of sout anuire: OSOERDE :)

  2. Evangelos Batalis says:

    I would be waiting the Mhoried map also with great expectations

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