Mhoried – Birney Village [map]

This is a small little village I created to sit at the very heart of Torien’s Watch in Mhoried to serve as the starting point for my adventures with my players.  As before, I’ll let you fill in the ideas to the names on the map.  Let me know if you want an unlabeled version.



4 Comments on “Mhoried – Birney Village [map]”

  1. Brendan says:

    Nice work. I particularly like the attention paid to individual farms, and all the little points of interest, like the druid circle.

  2. tsojcanth says:

    good art, but the farms are too small.
    1 acre of land nets about 6 bushels of wheat, which is enough for 3 months of bread. Aistel farm seems about 15 acres, of which 1 third might be left to fallow. This makes about 2 years and a half of food per harvest, if everything else goes well.

  3. Andrea says:

    I hope to see whole Mhoried map someday. BTW, these are fantastics.

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