ToEE – The Viscounty of Verbobonc [map]

Another map from T1-4: The Temple of Elemental Evil.  This one focuses on the Viscounty of Verbobonc, the Kron Hills, and the forests surrounding the Temple draw in the Gazetteer hex style mapping with coats of arms for the various political powers in the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Pint-Sized Pests (Part 1): Snyad

Ooh boy, do I love the off-beat wackiness of the Fiend Folio (1981).  From the heights of the death knight, drow, and githyanki … we fall to the depths of the flumph and crabmen that look nothing like crabs. The book immediately had two things going for it.  The monsters were a compilation of widely varied sources – TSR modules and issues of White Dwarf. Let’s just say that the editorial standards of the various publications were vastly different.  Say for instance I want to pit my players against a pacifistic blanket that eats rocks and smells like old farts?  Enter the Denzelian!

Secondly, it was originally supposed to be published by Games Workshop with TSR’s blessing, but disputes led to TSR releasing it directly to kick off its UK division.  Regardless of which publisher’s name is on the spine, one thing is for certain.  This is what the English mind, motherland of Tolkien and Moorcock, think is epic fantasy – such as the Spirit Troll, a monster created when invisible stalkers and trolls make nasty.

Well, in my D&D senility (25+ years of playing) I have taken a grumpy, old man fondness to the strangest and least attractive monsters in that oft-derided tome.  So why not take the unrepentant shoplifters of the Underdark and convert them to 4E.

I am of course talking about Snyads, Mites, and Jermlaine.

Size Comparison: a Snyad, two Jermlaines with Rat, & a Mite

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AC1 – Shady Dragon Inn [map]

Released in 1983 with 100 pre-generated characters, AC1 The Shady Dragon Inn was a starting point or headquarters for your original D&D campaign.  If you’ve got a heart for TSR nostalgia, I highly recommend using it.  I like to place it just outside of Kelven, center of all the B-series action. Read the rest of this entry »

Historical Bows in D&D

"Ready, Aim - Jenkins, why aren't you aiming?"

Weapons in the D&D game provide a small piece of inspiration in the fantasy setting with a decisive European flavor.  In that approximate time setting for most fantasy campaigns (1000 – 1300 AD), new technology that was quickly adapted into Europe has been presented within the D&D context somewhat reluctantly and inconsistently.  Such as the crossbow.

It is clear that the English longbow is the nostalgic weapon, ascending to mythic status within D&D.  As a result it has been the pinnacle ranged weapon in 4E D&D, trumping the crossbow in almost consideration.  But history actually teaches us that it was quite different …

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Roesone [map]

Yet another map from Birthright.  This one is for the Barony of Roesone.  Long live the Black Baron! Read the rest of this entry »

Tuornen [map]

Another dip into the Birthright campaign setting.  This time with a kingdom from the Heartlands – Tuornen.  This is largely based on the Player’s Secrets supplement with individual coat of arms for the provinces from  Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

T1 – Village of Hommlet [map]

Who doesn’t love the Temple of Elemental Evil in all of its AD&D glory?  I created a player’s map of Hommlet in FR style.

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Thurazor [map]

Another map from the Birthright setting (1995).  This one neighbors the previous map I posted of Talinie to the east, the vile goblin lands of Thurazor.  Unlike the first map I posted, Thurazor does not have a Player’s Secrets supplement to give a larger map with all the small towns and geographical features.  So I created them myself.  I have to admit making this map (using the template from the cursed lands of Aengmor) was really fun.  And there are one or two inside jokes in there for the vigilant eye and a mind for fantasy trivia.  Hope you like it.

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PC Race: Rakasta

Here is a new PC race for 4E, hearkening back to the olden days of D&D and Mystara –  the Rakasta.

[skip intro]

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Talinie [map]

I am a bit of a fan of the old school, hex mapping style (Greyhawk or Mystara).  That converged with my love of the old 2E Birthright campaign setting about two years ago.  Great concept, deeply developed with some new aspects added to the traditional D&D game.  I converted the Talinie hand drawn in the Player’s Secrets supplement to that style of map (2 miles per square).  I also added a few extra little tid bits on the map for color.  As an extra, I also converted the map into a FR style map. Read the rest of this entry »