The Ghost of Lion Castle [map]

Way back in the day (1984), a solo module was released with a red box version of Basic D&D.  It was BSOLO1 The Ghost of Lion Castle.

I had a friend that bought D&D so he could play with me and I took the Lion Castle module to prepare it for him, but lo and behold, it cut the DM out of the loop.  As an 8 year old I guess I wasn’t ready to convert it to a traditional form.  Looking at it now, the rooms aren’t numbered and the choose-your-own-adventure format is frustrating in trying to place which encounters happen where without playing every variation of the adventure.  But hey … I digress.

Regardless, the map is an interesting one and I just used it with my own home campaign.  Below is a re-mapped, black-n-white version of the Lion Castle, made a bit larger and on a 5′ grid.  Perfect for online play.  Enjoy.

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Beast Man

I’ve been playing around with making a MotU conversion doc for the ancient, but much appreciated Marvel Superheroes RPG from TSR and I’ve got a few characters ready that I’m fairly proud of.  If this doesn’t confirm my nerd status, I don’t know what would.  Let’s start with the King of the Jungle … Read the rest of this entry »

Bring Back Becs

The general theme of Dungeons & Dragons since the first printing AD&D has been simplification.  Make sense because nothing could be more simpler than “basic” D&D and additional rules and features had to be added.  Gary Gygax, legend that he was, loved the rules as much as Gary Busey loves meth.

For instance, do you remember that each weapon had a specific modifier against each Armor Class from 10 to -10?  Oh, the wonderful bo stick, the gift that kept on giving.  Each time you went up a level, every weapon (or magical variant) in your arsenal had 20 numbers or more that needed modifying.  This was also before the mass production of the home computer and all such calculations were done by abacus. Read the rest of this entry »

Grand Duchy of Karameikos [map]

Below is 3e Forgotten Realms style map of GAZ1 – The Grand Duchy of Karameikos created by yours truly.  Just click on the image below for the full-size map (976 x 814 pixels). Read the rest of this entry »