Island Keep [map]

I’m running one of my players through Ruins of Adventure, one of the first super-modules for the newly released Forgotten Realms campaign setting way back in 1988.  I’m treating the plot and encounters very liberally.  So let’s start with my revised map of the “Reconquest of Sokol Keep”. Read the rest of this entry »

Castle [map]

The following castle is based on Mirt’s Mansion from City System: Waterdeep, though I expanded it to include a ground floor and several extra levels.  I’ve attached two versions, one labeled and one blank for an encounter map or your own design.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Cariele [map]

A different type of entry into the Birthright campaign setting.  Cariele, a kingdom on the northern edge of Anuire, but in the FR-style map. Read the rest of this entry »

Flintlock Firearms 4E (1600 – 1830)

In 1600 the next major change in firing mechanisms arrived in the early 1600s.   The flintlock uses a simplified and more reliable version of the snaplock’s triggering mechanism which strikes a flint against the steel frizzen to drop sparks into the flash pan and ignite the charge.

The flintlock firearms enjoyed an extremely long lifespan starting in the late Renaissance and lasting through the American Revolutionary War and beyond.   Flintlock rifles were even used in the early parts of the American civil war.

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Pint-Sized Pests (Part 3): Jermlaine

In part 1 and 2, we covered the Snyad and Mite respectively, two closely related cousins that complement each other quite well.  One is the pick pocket while the other is a trap master.  I even presented some monster variants.  Today, we’ll complete the exploration of the tiny threats hiding amongst the monsters.

This time though we’ll look a creature that despite being smaller is the most aggressive of the three pesties.  One that relies on sheer numbers to overcome much larger prey.  I am, of coures, talking about the Jermlaine.

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B2 – Castellan Keep [map]

Here is a color version of Castellan Keep from B2 – The Keep on the Borderlands (one of the greatest D&D adventures every produced I might add).  I included some additional buildings in the Inner Bailey (temporary barracks, stables, or whatever you prefer).  Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Snaplock Firearms 4E (1540-1600)

The Snaplock Firing Mechanism

The Snaplocks and the Snaphaunce are early forms of flintlocks that use a trigger to release a spring-loaded flint onto steel to strike sparks which ignite the powder.

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Dungeon #16 – Palace in the Sky [map]

One of the early editions of Dungeon had a castle in the sky that was so beautiful I was dying to try it out as a DM, regardless of the level or intent of the inhabitants (cloud giants).  Granted it is not an isometric map, but I think the design is on par with Ravenloft.

I recently revisited the castle for my latest campaign and decided to redraw it to a 5′ per square scale.  Of course, the castle was originally designed for giants, but I didn’t bother making the doors giant-sized in case others want to requisition the castle for medium-sized races.  BTW, I added an old friend from the Spelljammer campaign setting to sit in the sky dock.

And as a side note, this issue of Dungeon (#16, Marcy/April 1989) also featured another brilliant module – Vesicant.  The story of a green dragon that recruited an entire pirate city to bring her plunder, complete with a city map of Scrape, several building details, and loads of pirates.  Excellent.

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Continuing our journey through the continent Anuire (from the Birthright campaign setting), we’ll stick on the Southern Coast and look at one of Roesone’s western neighbors, Medoere.  Again, thanks to the guys over at for the ideas on provincial CoAs. Read the rest of this entry »

ToEE – Main Temple [map]

Here is the first floor and main temple of the Temple of Elemental Evil.  Since I was converting this not from a 10′ per square map, but a 30 feet per square hand-drawn map, obviously there is a lot of interpretation into exact spacing and placing of stairs and columns.  I also added some extra features, such as wall designs, statues, etc … just for some inspiration.  Cheers. Read the rest of this entry »