Continuing our journey through the continent Anuire (from the Birthright campaign setting), we’ll stick on the Southern Coast and look at one of Roesone’s western neighbors, Medoere.  Again, thanks to the guys over at for the ideas on provincial CoAs. Read the rest of this entry »

Roesone [map]

Yet another map from Birthright.  This one is for the Barony of Roesone.  Long live the Black Baron! Read the rest of this entry »

Tuornen [map]

Another dip into the Birthright campaign setting.  This time with a kingdom from the Heartlands – Tuornen.  This is largely based on the Player’s Secrets supplement with individual coat of arms for the provinces from  Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Thurazor [map]

Another map from the Birthright setting (1995).  This one neighbors the previous map I posted of Talinie to the east, the vile goblin lands of Thurazor.  Unlike the first map I posted, Thurazor does not have a Player’s Secrets supplement to give a larger map with all the small towns and geographical features.  So I created them myself.  I have to admit making this map (using the template from the cursed lands of Aengmor) was really fun.  And there are one or two inside jokes in there for the vigilant eye and a mind for fantasy trivia.  Hope you like it.

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Talinie [map]

I am a bit of a fan of the old school, hex mapping style (Greyhawk or Mystara).  That converged with my love of the old 2E Birthright campaign setting about two years ago.  Great concept, deeply developed with some new aspects added to the traditional D&D game.  I converted the Talinie hand drawn in the Player’s Secrets supplement to that style of map (2 miles per square).  I also added a few extra little tid bits on the map for color.  As an extra, I also converted the map into a FR style map. Read the rest of this entry »