Mhoried Village – Leathen [map]

Here’s another village I created for Torien’s Watch in Mhoried as well as the visual inspiration I used to map it.

Leathen-Pic Leathen

Mhoried Map [Updated]

I’ve added several provinces to the ongoing Mhoried map in the new FR-style cartography as my players slowly make their south in the Duchy.¬† ūüôā Read the rest of this entry »

Forest Encounter [maps]

Here are a collection of encounter maps that I had set in the village I created called Birney set in Mhoried, but you can use them anywhere obviously. ¬†Cheers. Read the rest of this entry »

Mhoried – Birney Village [map]

This is a small little village I created to sit at the very heart of Torien’s Watch in Mhoried to serve as the starting point for my adventures with my players. ¬†As before, I’ll let you fill in the ideas to the names on the map. ¬†Let me know if you want an unlabeled version.

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Mhoried – Torien’s Watch [map]

Hey folks!

I’ve been dabbling back in Birthright again and trying to update my mapping skills to the current RPG standards. ¬†I’m about half-way done with Mhoried, but here is a little sneak peak at Torien’s Watch and just a little bit of the two southern provinces. ¬†I’ve got backstory to all of the map stuff, but I figure I’ll let your imaginations fill in the details to the names.


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Mairada [map]

I’m starting a new campaign tonight and I’m placing it for the first time over in the Khinasi side of Cerilia. ¬†I’m such a big fan of Birthright that more and more of my home campaigns seem to be gravitating towards it. ¬†This particular campaign is going to start in Mairada, a neutral coastal sultanate from the southern Island States. ¬†For this particular entry into the Birthright archives, there was no player’s secrets supplement and no coat-of-arms from, so I had to take a little liberty in its design.

Bonus points to you if you can identify the barely modified national Mairada coat-of-arms. ¬†Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


Continuing our journey through the continent Anuire (from the Birthright campaign setting), we’ll stick on the Southern Coast and look at one of Roesone’s western neighbors, Medoere. ¬†Again, thanks to the guys over at for the ideas on provincial CoAs. Read the rest of this entry »

Roesone [map]

Yet another map from Birthright. ¬†This one is for the Barony of Roesone. ¬†Long live the Black Baron! Read the rest of this entry »

Tuornen [map]

Another dip into the Birthright campaign setting. ¬†This time with a kingdom from the Heartlands – Tuornen. ¬†This is largely based on the Player’s Secrets supplement with individual coat of arms for the provinces from ¬†Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Thurazor [map]

Another map from the Birthright setting (1995). ¬†This one neighbors the previous map I posted of Talinie to the east, the vile goblin lands of Thurazor. ¬†Unlike the first map I posted, Thurazor does not have a Player’s Secrets supplement to give a larger map with all the small towns and geographical features. ¬†So I created them myself. ¬†I have to admit making this map (using the template from the cursed lands of Aengmor) was really fun. ¬†And there are one or two inside jokes in there for the¬†vigilant¬†eye and a mind for fantasy trivia. ¬†Hope you like it.

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