The Shady Dragon Inn [maps]

I did a black and white map for the Shady Dragon Inn a while ago, but it was time to put some color on it and liven it up.  As the first player headquarters released back in OD&D, I have a fondness for using it in most of my campaigns.  I added a stable with a loft, increased the size of the inn to 5′ per square (instead of 2.5′), and added a monument just to the east of the inn.  Cheers.

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B2 – Castellan Keep [map]

Here is a color version of Castellan Keep from B2 – The Keep on the Borderlands (one of the greatest D&D adventures every produced I might add).  I included some additional buildings in the Inner Bailey (temporary barracks, stables, or whatever you prefer).  Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

AC1 – Shady Dragon Inn [map]

Released in 1983 with 100 pre-generated characters, AC1 The Shady Dragon Inn was a starting point or headquarters for your original D&D campaign.  If you’ve got a heart for TSR nostalgia, I highly recommend using it.  I like to place it just outside of Kelven, center of all the B-series action. Read the rest of this entry »

PC Race: Rakasta

Here is a new PC race for 4E, hearkening back to the olden days of D&D and Mystara –  the Rakasta.

[skip intro]

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Grand Duchy of Karameikos [map]

Below is 3e Forgotten Realms style map of GAZ1 – The Grand Duchy of Karameikos created by yours truly.  Just click on the image below for the full-size map (976 x 814 pixels). Read the rest of this entry »